Sunday, November 11, 2007

Handsome Police Dogs

Mom and I got to do another child-dog safety demo the other day for a group of Girl Scouts. As always, we had a great time, showing the girls our “tricks”, playing with the life-sized puppets (I love that game with the little boy doll named “Jimmy”)and getting lots of attention and affection from all of the little girls – single file, of course, and each asking her turn. Afterwards, Mom was talking for a while with one of the ladies, and I got to play fetch with the younger girls. They found some suitable sticks and kept throwing them for me to catch in the air. I love kids! They never seem to tire of throwing things for me. Unfortunately, Mom eventually insisted that we had to leave to go back to work, even though the girls clearly had plenty of time left and really wanted to keep throwing sticks for me. Work work work… what a party pooper Mom can be sometimes… Although, I do love work – I’ll work for work any time, actually… At any rate…

As we were arriving for the demo, on the way through the parking lot, we met up with a group of police officers. Apparently, they had done some kind of demo before we arrived, showing the girls what police dogs do for work. As we parked, I noticed a big, beautiful German Shepherd Dog, and Mom went up to talk to his human. From what I could hear (dog hearing is pretty good, you know) the big dog was called Will. Mom seemed to enjoy chatting with the nice police officer, but I really wanted to meet that Will. He was big and very handsome with a super nice personality. He seemed very friendly with Mom, but she wouldn’t let me meet him. He did bark at me from the police car as we walked by, but we didn’t get to stop.

There sure is something extra nice about a real working dog. He seemed so confident, and I could definitely appreciate the work ethic. I enjoy the work that I get to do a lot, but I often wonder what other types of jobs might be out there for a dog such as me. I’m not sure that I’d be cut out for police work, but I sure wouldn’t mind meeting a nice, handsome police dog like Will some time. I’ll be he’d be fun to romp with.

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