Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Milk Bone in the Printer

Bad news! Mom may be on the verge of discovering that I’ve been keeping this blog. At any rate, she at least suspects that I’ve been online.

True story:
She was getting ready for our classes the other day, and had to print out a lot of copies of some documents. I don’t know why, really. When she teaches me things, I just learn them, but I guess humans need to have things written down to remember them.

Anyway, for some reason, the printer kept jamming up as she printed. She would clear the paper jams, then resume printing and it would just jam again after a couple of pages. She spent close to an hour taking the printer apart and putting it together again. She even went online and downloaded more information about how to take the printer apart completely. Well, she was pretty frustrated, until she figured out why it had continuously jammed up: there was a piece of milkbone stuck inside the printer!! Needless to say, she was pretty upset about all the time she’d wasted.

The next day, she commented to her friends that this is the kind of thing that would only happen to a dog trainer. I overheard one of them ask her if she was sure that I hadn’t been online and printing some kind of doggy stuff while she was out! She laughed it off, as if this was just silly, but I’m nervous that she might actually start to suspect me!

So, what’s the lesson in all of this? I need to be more careful with my snacks when I’m in here blogging. And make sure that my brothers don’t mess things up for me by spilling their treats, too. From now on, I won’t let them in when I come inside to write. Come to think of it, I need to figure out a way to sneak off when they aren't paying attention, just to be sure.


Gopher said...

So how do you keep the cats from walking across the printer and messing up the settings? My siblings like to turn on the priner and press the buttons.

Claire Blue Sky said...

Well Gopher, I recommend doing what you can to gain more authority over the cats. I usually look them hard in the eye (People call this "eye" in Border Collies) and they move out of the way for me. KittyHawk can be a brat sometimes and I have to show a few teeth and growl a bit, but he's usually pretty respectful.